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Yay or Nay


I used to turn my nose up when I heard the word “blog.” I thought it was a vain way to get attention and inform people about your life (as if they cared). However, much to my surprise, as I have been assigned to blog through this social media course I am taking my mind has been opened to the blogging world. I have realized there are thousands of reasons as to why people blog and what they blog about. Although there are some vain blogs where people simply write about what they did that day, there is a whole other world of blogging that is informative, colorful, engaging and contains a plethora of knowledge. Blogging is not at all what I expected it to be. I have learned how to reach an audience and address the things they are interested in. I have learned how it can benefit non-profits by growing their audiences and furthermore bring in new potential funders.

There is a part of blogging that I have learned to be very important when trying to engage your audience and that is Netvibes. Netvibes is a tool that anyone can use in order to see what topics are trending, what people are talking about, questions being asked, etc. It is a perfect way to “listen” to your audience. This past week I explored netvibes a little bit and found that there are topics upon topics upon topics that you can choose to search in order to see what people are saying about them. For example one of the topics that I chose to create a dashboard for was popular movies and there were an unbelievable amount of results. There were movie reviews, movie histories, popular movies broken down by holidays, years, and much, much more. I only decided to type in movies because I was wanting to go see a movie that night and netvibes actually helped me decide which movie I wanted to go see. Although this particular topic was pretty noneducational and playful, netvibes can provide a wealth of information on just about any topic you might be interested in and will give you just as much information as I got on movies.


Blogging has moved up in favor with me due to the new appreciation I have for it. Now that I understand what a true blog should be trying to accomplish and that is to feed the curiosity of it’s readers. To entertain. To inspire. To strike new interests. To educate. To expand the world the writer lives in by leaving open doors for anyone to enter.

Here, anyone is welcome.


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