Once upon a time..

Good storytelling keeps you on the edge of your seat. It keeps you engaged and interested in what will happen next. You become invested and attached to the outcome. Take your favorite TV show for example…what makes you keep watching? It is more than likely the story line, no? It is the fact that you can relate in one way or another, that you are attached to one character or even all the characters, and that you are interested in the connection you have with the end result. And it should have a point – something you can take away. It also needs to be broken up into sections. There should be breathing time for one to grasp everything that is being said. You want there to be times of suspense or extreme engagement and then a time to rest and listen. Also the beginning…the beginning is very important. The beginning of a good story has to grab attention. For example, when Winston Churchill spoke to parliament after the fall of France in 1940, he didn’t start off with, ‘we lost so many planes and so many tanks’. He looked at them and said, “The news from France is very bad.” Now how could you not pay attention after a statement like that? You immediately want to know the message that follows.

Take these stories for example:

This story is both educational and visually pleasing. There is a story line that intrigues you because it is consistently flowing and transitioning into new thoughts to keep you engaged.

Or this story:

This story is short and simple but still captivating.

All of these factors we need to encompass into our posts as professionals. We want people to be engaged with our mission, our product, and our outcome so that they will invest in us. People want to feel as if they are a part of something and the success of this can all depend on how you tell your story. You have to make it interesting. I think the best storytellers are invested with the story themselves. They are passionate about the story they are telling and are confident in the message. They have enthusiasm behind their words – whether written or spoken. There is a belief in the story they are telling you which translates to you believing it too. “Nobody tells a good story if they don’t like the story they are telling,” a friend once told me.

In conclusion of telling a good story:

Captivate the audience with an engaging beginning

Make them believe what you are telling them

Keep in mind what they want to hear as a listener/reader

Give them something to relate to and invest in

Simplify and give it a point

Give them something to take away

…..The End.