Multiple Personalities of Social Media


Who is this virtual me?

Social media is becoming a huge facet in the way we communicate. I catch myself waking up and checking my twitter and instagram to see what posts have been made from the night before. Facebook is the root of our social media craze and a part of our everyday language – “Friend me.” “Can you put those pictures on Facebook?” “Oh my gosh, I saw on Facebook where…” So how do we use these social media tools to our benefit – both personal AND professional?

Wait, professional? Yes, professional. My specific desire is to work for/with non-profits and social media is vital for their success. When personally communicating to the world through social media networks we post whatever we are feeling or thinking at the moment. We post pictures of the latest event we went to and we tend to post without filter or thought of judgement – for the most part. Well, in the professional realm this is a bit different. We have to analytically think about what message we want to send the world. Social media and the topics posted through it reflect the image of the organization we are representing. Multiple “expert bloggers,” such as Chris Brogan, say that in order to market a non-profit and get people interested in what you are doing, you have to talk about what they want to hear about. That sounds simple, right? Well….right. It is simple, but it requires research and technique. You must research what the directed audience is talking about and what their peak of interest is at the moment and feed on it. Address these topics but do it with strategy.

Gather as much traffic as possible – because that’s how non-profits will thrive. Unlike your personal social self, your professional social self must accept and request anyone and everyone. The more the merrier.

Use images. Think about scrolling through Facebook on your news feed…what catches your eye? Pictures, right? So post pictures because you want people to stop and take a second glance. Words can be overlooked but images will always strike curiosity – and along with these images put your message for the day, or a link to a post. There are many differences between the way we do social media in our personal life versus our professional life, but at the end of the day our same goal is to grab the attention of our audience and provide them with information that intrigues them and keeps them coming back for more.

Now see, we may have multiple personalities but at least the seem to have a common interest.